(Marco) Semadeni Environmental Consulting (MSEENC)

Business Owner (sole proprietor)

Marco Semadeni

Dr. sc nat

Environmental Manager


  • Management of environmental liabilities (mainly remediation, after-care and contaminated site management) and environmental affairs (including energy & CO2, climate change, sustainability) in Switzerland.
  • Senior management of environmental projects, including technical, legal, financial, political, public, social aspects of large remediation projects and corresponding risk management.
  • Environmental risk analysis and assessments (esp. in contaminated site management and remediation).
  • Authorities’ relationship management and cooperation principle.
  • Supporting aspects of sustainability (LC assessments, circular economy, sustainable finance, biodiversity) and corresponding Swiss policy aspects.
  • Development of CO2 & energy efficiency strategies / Swiss CO2 compliance. Application of marked-based environmental protection instruments.
  • Policy and strategies (incl. aspects of sustainability, energy management and climate change).
  • Swiss environmental and energy regulations.