Environmental Services of MSEENC

Environmental management coaching and support of environmental and sustainability projects:

  • Sustainability strategies and implementation support (esp. environmental aspects, esg, circular economy)
  • Support of SMEs in the area of environment and sustainability (select the esg2go-service)
  • Climate change, renewable energies; climate protection and CO2-management
  • Environmental risk management and sustainable finance (environmental aspects)
  • Management of contaminated sites, disposal sites (after-care) and remediation
  • Environmental education support

“Environmentally oriented corporate management and sustainability requires a systematic approach in environmental management and in leading environmental projects. Regular reviews of environmental/energy projects in relation to pollutant emissions (e.g. in case of contaminated sites or remediation) or in relation to greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. of energy infrastructure or industrial production plants) are important elements in developing, improving or evaluating sustainable/environmentally friendly solutions.”

“Reviews of sustainable finance (environmental aspects) and the application of market-based environmental instruments (e.g. CO2 emission reductions) are important elements in achieving environmentally friendly solutions and promoting climate protection.”